Recall that Waziri (Ribadu’s successor) accused Ribadu on December 4, 2016 asking him to disclose to Nigerians Billions of Naira he recovered which he did not remit to the FGN; Ribadu himself accused Waziri. This is 3yrs after George Uboh accused the entire headship of EFCC of stealing 1.993 Trillion Naira (aggregate in different currencies).

If you are a prosecutor and you have four criminal defendants named Nuhu Ribadu, Farida Waziri, Ibrahim Lamorde and Ibrahim Magu awaiting prosecution; defendants waziri and ribadu are publicly confessing and pointing fingers as to who stole more of the same loot; defendant Lamorde refused to honor senate invitations/summons hence was declared wanted after accuser Uboh elicited evidence against him; and defendant Magu is busy covering for the other defendants-he went to the house committee on financial crimes (remember that Kayode, Chm of sane committee used to be chief of staff to Lamorde) on December 15, 2015 to say that efcc does not steal recovered loot. In fact, if you go to efcc website now Magu’s efcc tried to defend George Uboh’s allegation against Lamorde-click the icon what efcc does with recoveries; if Lamorde had answers why did he not come to the senate in 2015 to proffer same answers? George Uboh accused efcc of stealing 793m naira from Tafa balogun; Magu
interrogated Tafa balogun and exhibited his assets hence the 793m was stolen by Magu and I dare him to challenge me. would you say you have a slam dunk case as a prosecutor? When two out of four armed robbers confess to crimes publicly do you need any evidence? When one of them fails to appear when sommuned is that not sign of culpability? When the last one decides to cover for the rest is that not contempt and obstruction of justice which is additional crime? Ribadu cannot be fielded by APC. He must clear himself before the civil society and the masses.

Pls rebroadcast if you love Nigeria.

George Uboh
George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN)

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