The George Uboh Whistleblowers Network [GUWN] has released damning evidence against the Director-General of Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), Mr. Osita Anthony Aboloma.

The evidences include:

  1. Two foreign bank accounts
  2. Transfers from Zenith Bank PLC Lagos to the foreign bank accounts
  3. Procedure showing that Mr. Aboloma actually applied for permanent residence in the United States but was rejected.

In previous reports, ElombahNews reported that the George Uboh Whistleblowers Network [GUWN] handed Aboloma a 30-day pre-action notice in which to come clean.

Failure to do that, GUWN said it will ‘approach the court to, inter alia, compel the requisite security agencies to proceed with his prosecution’.

ElombahNews also reported that the SON Director-General was found desperately plotting to escape to the United States with loots illicitly acquired while in office.

According to the report, Mr. Aboloma sought permanent residence in the United States under the $500,000 investments EB-5 immigrant visa.

The U.S. embassy, however, turned him down, rejecting his permanent residence visa but he is currently seeking Canadian residence visa out of desperation to flee from justice.

It was also reported that the GUWN Chairman, Dr. Uboh blasted the SON Director-General over some “criminal acts” and “fraudulent activities” credited to him.

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