cScreen+Shot+2016-04-18+at+2.23.27+PMWe founded the Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC) in May 2008 as an independent organization which would develop, publish and promote anti-corruption measures for the infrastructure sector.

The significant changes in the legal, ethical and prosecution environment over the last 20 years in many countries mean that the concern for the owners and managers of most organizations is no longer whether they should seek to eliminate corruption in their organizations, projects or business dealings, but how to do so. Consequently, there is a growing need for practical advice and tools.

GIACC has developed the GIACC Resource Centre in order to help fill this need. These resources are provided free of charge, as we believe that the best chance of reducing corruption is if all governments, project owners, funders, and companies worldwide move towards common anti-corruption practices. To do this, they need access to best practice resources regardless of their ability to pay.

GIACC’s Resource Centre includes:

  • Examples of corruption: Hypothetical examples of how different types of corruption take place through the project phases.
  • Project Anti-Corruption System (PACS): A set of measures designed to help prevent corruption on major projects.
  • Anti-corruption training: 

On-line anti-corruption training module (available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish and Romanian).

Anti-corruption training manual (available in English, Spanish and Chinese).

While these resources are primarily targeted at the infrastructure sector, they can be used in any sector, as most best practices are common to all sectors.

Since its launch in 2008, the GIACC Resource Centre has been visited on-line by organizations and individuals from over 190 countries.

In addition to writing and improving our Resource Centre, we are in the process of establishing a series of affiliates and alliances worldwide. The primary objective of the affiliates and alliances is to promote the implementation of anti-corruption measures as an integral part of government, corporate and project management. The affiliates are incorporated as not for profit organizations in a specific country, and carry the GIACC and country name. So far, we have affiliates in Germany, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our alliances are with established international, regional and national construction and engineering associations.

We have also worked actively to help develop and promote the new anti-bribery management systems standards, BS 10500 and ISO 37001.

Our ultimate aim is that, eventually, effective anti-corruption measures will be routinely incorporated into the management processes of governments, projects and organizations in a similar way to the implementation of safety and quality management systems. This in turn should help lead to a more ethical environment and a level playing field.

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