Request to NNPC to Demand that Eraskorp Nigeria Limited remit $832,000,000:00 USD to NNPC/FGN within 14 days which is funds NNPC/FGN lost during Eraskorp’s TFP Surveillance contract or face court action

14-day Pre-Action Notice

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About us:
Our undersigned chairman Dr. George Uboh is the foremost whistleblower and anti-corruption crusader in Nigeria. In that capacity, he blew the whistle against the EFCC (starting 2013) for failing to remit N1.993 Trillion Naira to the FGN which led in part to the sack of its chairman in 2015. He blew the whistle on a Federal Judge (starting 2014) which led in part to his sack in 2017. He blew the whistle against a former minister of finance which led to her resignation in 2018. He blew the whistle on the ministry of transportation-aviation in its dealings regarding “Nigeria Air”. The Federal Executive Council (FEC) thereafter suspended the Nigeria Air deal. George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN) was set up to expose corruption, fight for people who have suffered injustices, fight for whistleblowers suffering adverse treatment, address matters of public interest, inter alia.

Instant Case
Against the backdrop of Eraskorp Nigeria limited (ENL) and Ocean Marine Security Limited’s (OMSL) media warfare and accusations by ENL that OMSL contract did not go through due process, the NNPC on December 4, 2018 issued a statement currently trending in some print media outlets and NNPC’s website that during the pendency of the TFP surveillance contract awarded to ENL 11 million barrels of crude oil was lost amounting to over $800 Million USD, that NNPC spent $32 Million USD to repair damaged pipelines, and that NNPC cancelled ENL’s contract and awarded same to OMSL.

We wish to commend the NNPC for canceling ENL’s contract. This certainly protects the public interest, the Nigerian state and taxpayers’ money. However, we (GUWN) have been inundated with phone calls and requests from the public whose interest we protect, charging us with the mandate to ensure that the $832 Million USD loss is recovered from ENL and/or NNPC in addition to contract cancellation. Accordingly, it is our request that NNPC DEMAND the $832 Million USD from ENL or leave us with no choice but to join NNPC in the lawsuit we intend to file against ENL, inter alia, for the payment of the $832 Million USD. Please see attached communications on this matter which you were copied.

Also, we are aware that since OMSL took over the protection of the TFP surveillance there has been no crude oil loss or pipeline damage. This is commendable. Same way we fight corruption in the public interest, same way we commend merit in the public interest. We are also aware that your agreement with OMSL obligates OMSL to pay for any loss resulting from crude oil theft and/or pipeline damage that occurs during the pendency of their contract. Because Nigeria’s economy depends mainly on crude oil exports, our organization is very concerned with NNPC working with a reputable company whose track record in pipeline protection is impeccable. Accordingly, we shall be asking the court in same suit, in the public interest, to compel NNPC to award all future pipeline protection contracts to OMSL or any company that has demonstrated excellence in the pipeline protection business.

If after 14 days the NNPC fails to act or respond, we shall go to court to compel the NNPC to DEMAND the $832 Million USD from ENL, among other remedies. We remain,

Yours in anti-corruption and whistleblowing services,

Dr. George Uboh
+234 809 640 0000
Cc: Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, Hon. Min. of State Petroleum
Cc: Alh. Yusuf Matashi, MD, NPDC
Cc: Ocean Marine Solutions Limited
Cc: Eraskorp Nigeria Limited
Cc: Shoreline Natural Resources Limited
Cc; Copley Partners

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