At exactly 9am Saturday, June 12, 2021 (same time am penning this note), we were about to start a soccer game at MRC, Asokoro when my driver beckoned at me that my security at home wanted to speak with me on the phone, that DSS agents were concomitantly raiding and shooting at my home.

Yes, my home was stormed, personal items including safe with cash carted away. I was in hiding. Special thanks to my sisters who housed me while I was in hiding, cooked for me during my 26-day detention at the DSS, and helped perfect my bail. The DSS agent who led the operation confessed to me that the “corrupt elements” I am fighting orchestrated the raid. I looked into his eyes during his confession, and I noticed that his soul was disturbed. A few days later, he died. May his disturbed soul rest in peace. The items taken from my home have since been returned with apology; the government has paid me $47.8 million USD in promissory notes…

No matter what you are going through in life, always persevere, and always believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When I visited Robben Island prison in 2011 where Nelson Mandela was detained, the tour guide who spent time in prison with Mandela said even as they were breaking rocks every morning in prison, Mandela believed and used to tell all of them that he will be President one day. He said they used to laugh at him: “Madiba, we are serving life sentences, forget being president”. When Mandela was going to be released, he refused until all freedom fighters jailed were released which delayed his release for another two years. The delay did not stop his destiny to be president.

No human being or government can stop your destiny. It can only be delayed. Trust only in GOD; never put your trust in mortal beings.

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