On the evening of 7th June 2016, DSS came with a search warrant to search Dr. George Uboh’s office and house, he cooperated fully, but they had no arrest warrant with them.
Dr. George Uboh willingly followed them to DSS office to find out why he was being searched. On getting there they detained him without access to lawyers or Family members or anybody he knows.

Two days later DSS arraigned him in court without his lawyers, and family members knowing about it. The lawyers who were present in court for another issue recognized him and volunteered to assist him, because he didn’t come with a lawyer.

Dr. George Uboh is currently been held at DSS headquarters since Tuesday 7th of June, 2016.
They claimed he is been arrested for forgery, whereas all is communication with all the banks and everyone have always been copied to the office of the Ministry of Justice.

Meanwhile the banks where he traced monies belonging to Federal Government, nothing has been done to recover the monies. No proof of offense.

So far he has been working with his own resources. Is it wrong to have pointed the government in the right direction of where our money is? Should the DSS and all security agencies not support this well-meaning Nigerian?

Holding Dr. George Uboh is a violation of his fundamental human rights. Dr. George Uboh must be released.
All monies traced by him must be refunded to the Federal government’s coffers. This is the prayer of Dr George Uboh.
We call on all well -meaning Nigerians and human rights activists to rise to Dr. George Uboh’s case.

Join the conservation on twitter #ReleaseDrGeorgeUboh

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