In the case of IGP V. Uboh, the case involving Uboh’s allegation that over $2.5 Billion USD was missing under CBN Governor Emefiele’s watch, which came up today February 27, 2020 for continuation of trial, the police prosecutor Simon Lough asked for adjournment on the ground that the police witness had diarrhea and fever which was granted. Lough lamented the reporting of the case in the media, then suddenly accused George Uboh of using a device to tape record the proceeding.

George Uboh shouted “I beg your pardon”, then opened the purported recording device which turned out to be his eye glass case, then displayed it for the Judge and everyone in the courtroom to see. Lough then apologized to Uboh and after a lengthy academic talk on the right of the press to report court proceedings, the case was adjourned to March 24, 2020.


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