I was appointed on February 9, 2016 by the Federal Government of Nigeria to trace with a follow-up letter of introduction on February 17, 2016 to trace funds trapped in financial institutions.

Traced N324 Billion Naira ($1 Billion USD) within 27 days; part of the monies traced are funds EFCC stole/hid at Access Bank which he alleged years earlier EFCC failed to remit to the FGN.

Says discovering some of the funds EFCC stole proves his allegation years back that EFCC has not remitted 1.993 Trillion Naira to the FGN.

Says under “respondeat superior” the FGN/President Buhari owes him 16.2 Billion Naira per the engagement letter and action of its employee/servant the AGF, which he intends to collect through any legal means necessary.

Says the President and AGF cannot be travelling globally asking countries and the world bank to help Nigeria in repatriating stolen loot abroad when they have not recovered the over $1 Billion USD traced in Nigeria by a legally engaged firm, Panic Alert Security Systems (PASS).

If Malami is not corrupt why has he not recovered the $1 Billion Naira Uboh traced?

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letter of engagement agf

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letter of engagement agf letter of intro agf to pass

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letter of revocation agf

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