The Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu has acknowledged Dr. George Uboh’s letter over the discovery of $832 million worth of crude oil stolen by pipeline contractors.

Dr. Kachikwu made the commendation in a letter signed on his behalf by his Chief of Staff, Ms. Oge Funlola Modie on Tuesday.

In the letter, Kachikwu acknowledged receipt of the “Letter of Demand to Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Limited (Mr. Kola Karim) to remit $832,000,000:00 USD to NNPC/FGN within 14 days which is funds NNPC/FGN lost during Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd., Mr. Kola Karim’s pipeline contract or face court action”.
The letter was written by the Chairman of George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN), Dr. George Uboh.
The Petroleum Minister assured Dr. Uboh of his best regards as he marches on in his whistleblowing.

ElombahNews had, yesterday, reported that GUWN discovered a whopping 11 million barrels of crude oil which is worth over $800 million allegedly siphoned by pipeline contractor, Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources.

The public will recall the media war and blame game between Chairman of Ocean Marine Solutions limited, Captain Hosa Okunbo and Chairman of Eraskorp Group/Shoreline Natural Resources, Mr. Kola Karim.

The media war/blame game was regarding the pipeline surveillance contracts both firms executed independently vis-à-vis losses incurred to the federal government during those contracts.

Due to the fact that the federal government expended funds to pay for the contracts which led to losses to the FGN, GUWN deemed the issue a “matter of public interest”.

The GUWN Chairman, thus, wrote the companies on January 11, 2019 as part of investigation into the matter.

The letter was copied to Dr. Kachikwu.

See attached a copy of Kachikwu’s letter below:

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