Despite George Uboh Whistleblowers Network’s (GUWN) constructive criticisms of Nigeria Air backed by “overwhelming and irrefutable” evidence of course, and GUWN’s issuance of 30-day pre-action notices to Minister of State Aviation and DG ICRC, the condition precedent to commencing suits against government agencies, the MoT-Aviation has invited GUWN to a stakeholders’ forum on November 8, 2018 in its quest to relaunch Nigeria Air. See attached.

While GUWN commends MoT-Aviation for such action, GUWN wishes to state unequivocally that such action does not retroactively cure the infractions committed on the Nigeria Air deal thus the suit shall commence. GUWN has resolved to attend the stakeholders’ forum, and shall report precisely what transpires at the forum to the public in whose interests GUWN serves, be it commendation or criticism as the case may be.

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