Against the backdrop of the contentious issue regarding whether Enrico Monfrini-Nigeria’s Swiss lawyer-recovered the $321m usd Abacha loot in Switzerland (Monfrini claims he has recovered; that Malami is lying; and that he charges Nigeria 4-5% for recovery) or Malami’s claim that Monfrini has not recovered, that Monfrini wants to charge Nigeria 20-30%, hence appointed two lawyers to do the job in Nigeria for $17m (5%) usd, George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN) has written an FOI request to Malami on Friday September 14, 2018 (see attached) to produce the letter of engagement given to attorneys Okpeseyi and Adebayo on the Abacha loot.

GUWN does not expect Malami to comply; however, GUWN has some secret documents on the dealings between former AGF Adoke and same Swiss lawyer Monfrini (which details the percentage Monfrini charges Nigeria; GUWN will produce when the suit is filed). This will be a huge scandal when GUWN drags Malami, Monfrini et al to court. Once the civil proceeding reveals the party that has defrauded us, that party will be shamed and prosecuted. Nigerians should not forget that part of my allegations against the EFCC during the 2015 senate hearing that led in part to Lamorde’s sack was that 95% of offshore seizures don’t make it back to Nigeria. GUWN has the documents.

If you don’t rebroadcast then you are part of the hydra-headed monster in Nigeria called corruption. You may join GUWN WhatsApp group via the number below.

Dr. George Uboh
0809 640 0000


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