On September 13, 2017 GUWN requested Premiere Lotto Limited (PLL) A/KA Baba Ijebu under Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) to disclose how much PLL earns daily and how much taxes it pays, and requested FIRS to disclose how much PLL pays in taxes. See attached. This was premised on Whistleblowers within PLL, FIRS and Banks who gave information that PLL rakes in over a Billion Naira daily, but pays peanuts in taxes. GUWN exposed this fraud to the media houses same day.


On September 26, 2017, the FIRS raised Baba Ijebu claiming PLL owes close to a Billion in taxes. Is this a mere coincidence or a case of the FIRS putting up a show? How are we sure FIRS has calculated the real amount PLL owes? GUWN intends to go to court to compel both parties to disclose, given the fact that they have refused to disclose to GUWN within 7 days as the Act mandates.


Dr. George Uboh

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