There was mild drama in court on Friday, July 3, as police indicted and exposed their alleged fake video in court in the Trial Within Trial [TWT] case involving Dr. George Uboh, the chairman of George Uboh Whistleblower Network (GUWN), and the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele.

Recall that ElombahNews reported on June 24 how a confused police witness indicted himself over the suspected fake video.

During the trial, Justice Yusuf Halilu had ordered for a TWT after the whistleblower accused the police of obtaining statement from him under duress.

To ascertain the veracity of the claim, Justice Halilu ordered that Trial Within Trial be conducted.

During cross-examination, the lead defence counsel, Mr. Idumodin Ogumu, Esq. forced the prosecution witnesses to contradict the video.

The development, thereby, raised serious doubts about the veracity of the suspected fake video.

In the latest development, the prosecuting counsel presented two witnesses, TWT Witness 2 and TWT Witness 3 to defend the alleged fake video.

TWTW2 casts suspicion on video

Danjuma Sule was the first witness [TWTW2].

He narrated how he and his team arrested and brought Uboh to Room 409 of the Force CID Headquarters.

There he reportedly made a statement which he [Sule] and his gang recorded as video with a Samsung phone.

The statement lasted for about ten minutes but the video clip shown was a paltry two minutes.

Under cross-examination by Idumodin Esq., he revealed that the petition Dr. Uboh reacted to was dated May 21, 2019.

Meanwhile, he at the same time accepted that Uboh’s statement was taken on May 19, 2020.

“How can you explain to the court that purportedly someone made a statement on May 19th over a petition that was yet to be filed two days later?” Idumodin fired.

Silence in the court.

TWTW3 consolidates on “fake video”

TWTW3, Inspector Godwin Odu made matters even worse.

He started with narrating how George was arrested, brought to station, cautioned and gave statement willingly.

Then he faced the cross-examiner-in-chief, Barrister Idumodin Ogumu.

Are you among those that arrested him? Yes, and summarised.

After a little fumble here and there, he made what could be considered the most indicting statement of all.

After identifying everyone present in the statement room on the fateful day, including two police officers, a lawyer and George Uboh, he was asked:

Are you aware that a video recording was made while the defendant purportedly made the statement?

He answered: “I was not aware that any video was made!”

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