A whistleblower ring has asked the Federal High Court in Abuja to direct the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation [NNPC] to explain how $531 million entered fake NNPC accounts and were therefrom siphoned.

Dr. George Uboh, through his company Panic Alert Security System (PASS) Limited, had uncovered fake NNPC accounts, to wit: NNPC/Demola Banjo, keystone bank, account no. 10025825168 into which $100 million , $60 million and $70 million were deposited in tranches totaling $230 million from where the funds were siphoned.

Also, NNPC/FGN security account no. 1002897397 was discovered into which $301 million inflow came.

From there the funds were moved in 14 transfers mostly to Dubai, ten outflows of which occurred in one day.


1) How did Demola Banjo, a popular keystone bank manager insert his name into NNPC account if the account is not fake as alleged?

2) Why would an account designated NNPC/FGN security move funds into private companies abroad without any semblance of security job executed.

It would be recalled that Dr. George Uboh has vehemently maintained that NNPC operates illegal bank accounts used to carry out illegal activities.

Read More: https://elombah.com/whistleblowers-asks-court-to-direct-nnpc-to-explain-how-531m-entered-fake-nnpc-accounts-siphoned/

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