The first part of the SPECIAL REPORTS series discussed how some officials of the Nigeria National petroleum Corporation [NNPC] and Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] reportedly connived with Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited and allegedly siphoned a whopping 1,396,672 billion Dollars and 577.576 billion Naira respectively.

The George Uboh Whistle Blowers Network [GUWN] had blown the lid exposing the dirty deals allegedly perpetrated by the aforementioned firms in siphoning billions of dollars from government entitlements.


The acts, which were perpetrated between 2017 and 2018 fiscal years were enacted through a Cash Call Payment deal which was abolished in December 2016 by President Muhammadu Buhari .

One of the documents shows that NNPC and Mobil run a dollar account in Bank of America but with two different addresses/customers, viz:


In this second part, documents show how Mobil, NNPC and CBN connived with local banks and ripped the federal government of whopping sums running into multi billion dollars.

The sums are as follow:

  • $14,690,945,988.00
  • Zenith Bank: N19 billion
  • Citi Bank: N23.3 billion
  • Union Bank: N10 billion
  • Other banks: N11 billion

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