Dr. George Uboh, Chairman of George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN) whose residence and office are located at Mpape and Maitama districts respectively, and who has been personally experiencing earth tremors in both locations, has written a 7-day request to Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) dated Friday, September 7, 2018 to furnish record of funds NGSA has received from the FGN from 2008 till date, and furnish report of  the actual survey conducted on possible earth vibration, tremor, quake etc in the FCT, pursuant to the Fiscal Responsibilty Act, 2007 and Freedom of Information Act, 2011. GUWN wrote NGSA another letter dated Friday, August 7, 2018 captioned: “Contravention of your mandate and duty; flagrant disregard for the lives and property of Mpape Residents for over ten years; Unequal Treatment meted out to Mpape Residents; Intent to file a ‘Class Action’ Suit by Mpape Resudents”.

GUWN gave NGSA 30-day pre-action notice to file a suit asserting that NGSA through its subsidiary, “National GeoHazardous Monitoring Centre”, has investigated similar event of earth tremor that occurred in Kauru, Kaduna in 2016, and because NGSA failed to investigate same tremors that have been occurring in Mpape for over 10yrs, NGSA has flagrantly disregarded the lives and property of Mpape residents, treated them unequally etc hence gave NGSA 30-day notice as required by law before GUWN will go to court on behalf of all Mpape residents. See attached. Pls rebroadcast, else you are part of the problem.



Dr. George Uboh
Chairman, GUWN
0809 640 0000

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