Asserts that AGF Malami complied with Freedom of Information request early this year from George Uboh Whistleblowers network (GUWN).

Says Malami is now a fearless anti-corruption fighter who has surpassed his predecessors.

Advises that Malami still need experts to x-ray the banks to ensure strict compliance with the court order so as to achieve success with the court order.

Says the below achievements by AGF Malami are unprecedented and unparalleled:

  1. Willingness to set up an Assets Management Agency (thus divesting the EFCC of such meaningless and draconian powers);
  2. Enforcement and compliance with the whistleblowers policy;
  3. Willingness to obey court order to publish names of looters; and,
  4. Recent court order compelling the banks to forfeit fake accounts.

It would be recalled that Dr. George Uboh coined the phrase “Banking Sector Mafia” in describing the corruption at the banks when he was engaged by AGF Malami in 2016, repeated same phrase in his two open letters to President Buhari in 2016 and 2017 and in his news bar messages to Vice President Osinbajo in 2017 when Osinbajo was the Acting President during which time Osinbajo openly called the banks corrupt and must be sanctioned.

Uboh showered praises on AGF Malami in what he called “audacious step” Malami took in the fight against corruption. Uboh posited that he had harbored a secret benchmark he would use to judge anyone in the fight against corruption, which is the might to go after the banks.

Uboh opined: Nigerians must understand that all the anti-corruption measures like the FOI Act, whistleblowers policy etc. cannot work until the Government comes down hard on the banks and, of course, the first step is the judiciary which Malami just did. Uboh cautions Malami, however, that while the court judgment is a victory, he (Uboh) does not expect the banks who have a history of being recalcitrant to comply. Consequently, Uboh advised that Malami still need experts to x-ray the banks to ensure strict compliance with the court order so as to achieve success with the court order.

Uboh alleges that Bank MDs are maintaining duplicate names with same BVN numbers thus circumventing BVN security protocol; that Bank MDs and MDAs have siphoned Billion in USD offshore some of which are in his possession; that Access Bank expunged four-year statement for and on behalf of the EFCC, and numerous other fraudulent and despicable activities.

Uboh said when George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN) sent the Ministry of Justice request to furnish inflow and outflow early this year, that AGF’s office complied while numerous MDAs did not comply. In other words, AGF Malami is not only promulgating anti-corruption policies, but complying and living by example, same way he is complying with SERAP’s court victory compelling the Government to publish names of looters.

Uboh hopes and prays AGF Malami maintains this tempo, predicts that if he does, his name will be written in gold in the history of anti-corruption fight in Nigeria. Uboh asserts he is now ready, willing and able to defend Malami anywhere, because Malami’s recent actions have spoken louder than words.

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